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Black Mesa Weapon Pack

Many, many years ago, I modeled up a bunch of replacement weapons for Black Mesa patterned off of the original 1998 designs and it kicked up a bit of attention. A group of dedicated friends picked those assets up, cleaned them up, hooked them up to Black Mesa's first person animation rigs, fixed the animations up by hand when they didn't fit, got the ADS and zoom features working, created all new VFX particles, found the original audio sources and cleaned them up, created all new HUD icons, and handled the entire release process. So in the end, it turns out that I had the easiest job out of the bunch.
It's out now, as a very convenient workshop subscription:
Me: weapon meshes
Fewes: HEV meshes
Game Zombie: Rigging, animation edits, general compatibility fixes
Old Hermit: GUI, promotional art, sounds
Gunship Mark II: VFX, particle art
FoolTaurus: Various animation edits and fixes
Paysus: HEV admire animation